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June 05, 2019The 5 Skills You Need To Drive Supply Chain Sustainability
Includes Ambition, Communication, Organizational Savvy, Supplier Relationship Management and Drive to End-to-End Reinvention
  Topics : Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Supply Chain
January 08, 20192019 Predictions for the Supply Chain
Five Current Trends That are the Basis for This Year's Predictions
  Topics : Supply Chain
December 12, 2018My Video Call with Santa Claus
Update on the Christmas Express Supply Chain
  Topics : Supply Chain
August 17, 2017Great Expectations: Supply Chain Control
A Supply Chain That is Truly Agile Will Provide the Most Control for Global Companies
  Topics : Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain
July 14, 2017What Happened in Supply Chain in 1H 2017
From Ecommerce Wars to Trump Rejecting Paris Climate Deal, the Top Supply Chain Stories of the First Six Months of the Year
  Topics : Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
December 05, 2016Supply Chain News: Distribution Center Jobs Still Growing, but Automation and Robots having Increasing Impact
As with Manufacturing, Often Fewer but Better Paying Jobs
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Logistics costs | Logistics | Order picking | Supply Chain
November 21, 2016Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series: What is the Status of Machine Learning in Supply Chain Software?
More Happening than You Might Realze, but Still a Long Way to Go
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software | Supply Chain
November 21, 2016Detailed Recap of Outstanding MHI Conference Panel - Focus on Supply Chain and the Consumer
Efulfillment is Upending Logistics, Making for Challenges but Exciting Times, Panelists Agree, though Some Companies Define the Problem too Narrowly
  Topics : Distribution | e-fulfillment | ecommerce | Logistics costs | Logistics | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
November 07, 2016Supply Chain News: Are Manufacturers Waiting for the Next Recession to Deploy All the Robots?
Interesting Analysis Shows US Manufacturers Generally Wait Until Recessions to Bring in the Automation
  Topics : Manufacturing | Supply Chain Trends | Supply Chain
September 30, 2016Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Payback Period for Supply Chain Investments
The Plurality of Companies Require Three Year Payback, Straw Poll Finds, as SCDigest Shows Connection of Payback Period to Internal Rate of Return
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Supply Chain

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