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August 03, 2016Logistics News : Three Key Factors for Implementing a Profitable Returns Capability
Retailers Getting Ready For Peak Sales & Returns Season
  Topics : Order management | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
December 08, 2015RFID, IoT, and AIDC News: Datalogic Wins 2015 AIM Award for Applying High Speed Grocery Store Bar Code Scanner Portal to Returns Processing
Netherlands 3PL Simon Loos Automates Scanning of Returns from In-Store Displays
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Consumer goods industry supply chain | Data collection/AIDC | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
April 06, 2015Green Supply Chain News: Global Commodity Price Fall Making Recycling Margins Disappear
Green Leanings May be Flexible when it Impacts the Bottom Line
  Topics : Green and Reverse | Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
August 27, 2014Logistics News: Reverse Logistics - A Key Competency & Strategic Advantages
In Both Physical Retailing & E-Commerce Returns are Inevitable!
  Topics : Distribution | ecommerce | Retail industry supply chain | Reverse logistics/returns management
January 07, 2014Frustrating Supply Chain Trade Press Articles
As with GM RFID Story this Week, too Often Critical Details Need for Full Understanding are Missing
  Topics : Reverse logistics/returns management
August 09, 2012Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Towards a Circular Economy?
McKinsey Says Resource Scarcity will Cause Manufacturers to Fundamentally Rethink Processes and Some Business Models
  Topics : Green supply chain | Manufacturing | Reverse logistics/returns management
July 31, 2012Green Supply Chain News: Will Companies Retain Ownership of Products they Sell to Harvest and Re-Use the Materials they Contain?
''Circular Economy'' Thinking is Gaining Momentum; Consumers could Save Big if Washers were Leased, not Sold, Study Says
  Topics : Green and Reverse | Green supply chain | Manufacturing | Reverse logistics/returns management
December 14, 2011Logistics News: Technology Services Company Eases Reverse Logistics Woes of Large Manufacturers
Electronic Manufacturers Benefit from Silent Partnership with Electronics Repair Service Provider
  Topics : Distribution | Logistics | Reverse logistics/returns management
January 12, 2011Logistics News: Returns Assets -- Once A Supply Chain Afterthought, Now An Important Cost Savings Opportunity
For Logistics Executives, Managing Returns Is Just As Important As Managing Sales
  Topics : Distribution | Reverse logistics/returns management
July 15, 2009Logistics News: Putting Some Numbers to Reverse Logistics
New Study says Retailers and Wholesalers Recovering More Value than Manufacturers; the Five Process Steps for Returns Processing
  Topics : Distribution | Reverse logistics/returns management

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