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October 04, 2016RFID, IoT, and AIDC News: Implanted RFID Chips in Humans being Taken to Whole New Levels
Australians Jumping On-Board over Chance to be ''Super Humans''
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
June 01, 2016Implantable RFID Movement Seems to be Growing - Are You Ready for Your Chip?
Dangerous Things has Sold Thousands of Implant Kits, Saw Sales Rise 50% in 2015
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
February 17, 2016RFID News Round-Up for Feb. 17, 2016
Macy's Will ''Pick to the Last Unit'' in Stores Based on RFID; RFID Credit Cards - Not to Worry
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
October 01, 2015RFID and AIDC News: Time to Get Your RFID Implant? Plus Levi's Pilot Success with Intel RFID Platform
Transhumanist Says RFID Implants are the Way to Go, While Levi Strauss Store Achieves Nearly 100% Inventory Acurracy
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID and Privacy | RFID software | RFID
September 05, 2013RFID News Round-Up for Week of Sept. 2, 2013
Privacy Advocates Win Some RFID Battles for Now; New Tag has Built-In Sensor; American Apparel to Augment Store Reader Technology
  Topics : Retail industry supply chain | RFID and Privacy | RFID
June 12, 2013RFID and AIDC News: Local TV News Report Shows Just How Easy it Is to Capture RFID Credit Card Data
Simply Bring a Reader Near a Credit Card, Grab Holder Name, Card Number, Expiration Date and More; Are Banks Not Being Straight with Consumers?
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
December 05, 2012RFID and AIDC News: First Students, Now the Vatican - Is Use of RFID for Continuous Tracking of Humans an Inevitability?
After Texas Schools Controversy, Vatican Says it Is Deploying RFID-based Tracking System for Staff after Embarrassing Document Theft
  Topics : Automatic Data Collection | Data collection/AIDC | RFID and Privacy | RFID
October 10, 2012RFID and Auto ID News: Maybe SpyChips Book had a Point, as Students and Parents Protest Personal Tagging at Texas Schools
A Number of Student Tracking Systems are Out There, It Turns Out; Monitoring More than Just Attendance?
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
May 19, 2011RFID and AIDC News: Understanding Europe's RFID Privacy and Data Protection Framework - And Whether Companies in US Should Consider such a Process
Framework Calls for Companies to Document Process for Categorizing Privacy/Security Risks - and How They Will be Mitigated
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID
February 16, 2011RFID News Summary for Week of Feb. 16, 2011
Watch your RFID Wallet; Tag Consumption for Apparel Apps Nearing a Billion per Year, ABI Says; Avery Dennison CEO Bullish on RFID Too; GM Plant Tracks Pallets
  Topics : RFID and Privacy | RFID market size | RFID

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