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February 16, 2017Supply Chain Comment:Regulatory Compliance in a Changing Environment
What Impact will Trade Policy Shifts have on Compliance?
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management
February 02, 2017Without Changing Trade Patterns, Optimizing Routes, Transport Emissions Won't Drop
Fleets are Making Trade Patterns More Efficient by Looking to Alternative, Low- and Zero-Emissions Fuels, Public-Private Partnerships & Big Data
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | GREEN_WEB | Supply chain thought leadership | Transportation
June 09, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Developing an Effective Export Compliance Audit Process
Key Attributes that are the Foundation of Export Compliance and the Audit Process
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management
August 14, 2014Supply Chain Comment: Missed Import Compliance Opportunities
A Few Ways Companies can Sabotage their Compliance Efforts
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Global sourcing
September 27, 2012Supply Chain Comment: Designing Products for Conflict Minerals Compliance
A Best Practice is to Build Conflict Mineral Reporting into the Earliest Phases of Product Development
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Global supply chain
September 06, 2012Supply Chain Comment: Understanding the Recent Ruling on Conflict Minerals
Existing Global Trade Management and Supply Chain Technology will need to Adapt to these Regulations
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management
May 03, 2012Supply Chain Comment: Understanding the Tax Implications of Related Party Transactions and Transfer Pricing
Supply Chain Managers need to Balance the Goals of Tax-Effective supply chain management with the Organization's Compliance Requirements
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management
September 06, 2011Updated: Management Dynamics Corporate Overview
Setting the Standard for On-Demand Global Trade Management Solutions. Combining an expansive trading partner network, enterprise-class software and specialized trade content resources to enable dramatic improvement in the performance of your global supply chain.
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain
March 24, 2010Supply Chain Comment: Compliance Risks Can Be Too Costly to Ignore
Companies Taking Advantage of the Favorable Export Environment Should Have an Export Compliance Program and Manage Risk
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management
March 10, 2010Logistics News: When Planning A New Project - Ignore Code Regulations At Your Own Peril
Avoiding the Regulations "Gotcha" And All The Resulting Excitement
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Distribution

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