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Supplier Integration in an Outsourced World Benchmark Study 2016

Trends, Opportunities and Next Generation Solutions

Also: View the Outstanding Videocast Summarizing the Report, Featuring a Integration Case Study Presentation by Dupont

Report Overview

Supply Chain Digest recently undertook a significant survey of supply chain professionals to see where they stand on integration with visibility to operations and inventory in their extended supply chains.

This issue has especially come to the forefront in recent years, and more and more companies have increased their level of outsourcing, a trend this benchmark study clearly shows.

In this excellent report, we explore such questions as:

• What levels of visibility and integration are really being achieved in outsourced supply chain processes?

• How do gaps and delays in supplier information flow impact operational performance and decision-making?

• How are companies achieving integration/visibility - and what are the top barriers to better visibility and control?

We answer these and many more questions in this important study.

Please download this outstanding report: Supplier Integration in an Outsourced World Benchmark Study 2016

Prefer to view the results instead? Watch the on-demand version of the Videocast summarizing the survey results: On-Demand Videocast:Supplier Integration in an Outsourced World


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