January 8, 2007

Supply Chain Digest Releases List of Top 10 Supply Chain Management and Logistics Trends for 2006

2006 was a critical year in supply chain management and logistics, with a number of key trends and developments. Supply Chain Digest editor reviews the year, and selects the top 10 trends that should matter to supply chain and logistics professionals

Dayton, OH -- Supply Chain Digest™ has released its list of the Top 10 Trends in Supply Chain Management and Logistics for 2006.

Selected by Supply Chain Digest editor Dan Gilmore after a thorough review of the year in supply chain, the list represents key development that impacted the industry in 2006 and which will be felt for several years to come.

The summary list, which can be found with a full commentary at the Supply Chain Digest web site (https://www.scdigest.com/assets/FirstThoughts/07-01-04.cfm), is provided below in reverse order of impact:

10. Voice Technology in Distribution Goes Mainstream: Technology becoming commonplace in distribution centers.

9. Labor Unions at an Inflection Point: Corporations putting a squeeze on manufacturing unions, but political environment has suddenly changed.

8. Concern over Commodities: Companies trying desperately to lock in supply and prices

7. Continued Supply Chain Vendor Consolidation: Still more merger mania, as choices for users shrink

6. The Perfect Storm Blew Over: The crisis in transportation took a brief pause

5. Focus on Risk Management: Mitigating risk in the supply chain becomes board level concern

4. Supply Chain Icons Stub Their Toes: Wal-Mart and Dell have a tough year on Wall Street and elsewhere

3. RFID Slows - but Grows: Adoption is slower, but better

2. Global Supply Chain Gets Serious: When it comes to global supply chain, you better be good.

1. The "Greening" of the Supply Chain:  The environmentally-friendly supply chain came on huge in 2006.

"We think these 10 trends had a major impact on supply chain strategy and execution across companies in 2006, and their impact will be strongly felt in 2007 and beyond," said Supply Chain Digest editor Dan Gilmore. "You can expect to see continued editorial coverage of these and many other topics in Supply Chain Digest in 2007."

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