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  - Jan. 20, 2015 -  

Supply Chain News: Best New Solutions from NRF 2015 Day 1

Again this Year, We Break Out the Daily Videos into Individual Video Clips

  by SCDigest Editorial Staff  

Thousands of SCDigest subscribers have viewed our full video reviews of NRF 2015 Day 1 and Day 2, which featured a number of cool and interesting new solutions. SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore also wrote a Trip Report of the NRF show, largely focusing on the big picture of jey trends and themes.

As we have done the last couple of years, this year we once again break out the cool new solutions we found and covered into individual videos, so readers can select to view just the brief solution summaries (generally 2-3 minutes) that are of interest to them. Here we present just those solutions covered from Day 1. Next week, we will have the solutions we found on Day 2.

SCDigest Says:

Perhaps no vendor has transformed more in the past year than Zebra Technologies, as the printer and label company acquired the wireless system and scanning business from Motorola.

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First, however, we start with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore's summary of key themes and trends at this year's NRF show.


Key Themes and Trends at NRF 2015





Materials handling automation and supply chain execution software provider Intelligrated was one of our first stops, and it was featuring a very cool looking business intelligence (BI) tool and a Voice solution that works on smart phones, not specialized terminals.


Intelligrated's New Voice and BI Tools







"Advanced analytics" were all over the NRF show floor. Just what are advanced analytics, anyway? Dan Gilmore offers some thoughts, with help from software provider Manthan.



Advanced Analytics Solution from Manthan





Perhaps no vendor has transformed more in the past year than Zebra Technologies, as the printer and label company acquired the wireless system and scanning business from Motorola. The Motorola name is gone - and Zebra is bringing the Symbol Technologies brand back for scanners. Gilmore offers some perspective, and Zebra describes its cool new Internet of Things management application called Zatar.



Zebra Technologies has Transformed, has Cool IoT Application







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The Keys to WMS Success,

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Performance and More







A company called Displaydata featured some cool electronic shelf labels in a category that may finally be taking off after some 20 years (Whole Foods has adopted the technology), driven by improved deployment simplicity and use of the ESLs for promotions at the shelf. But what really caught our eye is that the company said the ESLs are being used in the automotive and high tech industries as a sort of pick-to-light technology for picking for kits on the shop floor. Interesting.


Displaydata's Electronic Shelf Labels for Retail - and Order Picking?




Datalogic was back for maybe the third year with its high speed bar code scan tunnel for grocery store checkout, which integrators such as NCR and Wincor Nixdorf build into total soluitions - with NCR using an interesting "turntable" approach to move the items to the right consumer after scanning. But the reason we feature it again this year is Datalogic says the concept is finally gaining traction, citing several customers in this video clip, and quite a few more off camera.


Datalogic's Bar Code Scan Tunnel is Gaining Traction



There were quite a few "video analytics" vendors at the show, and while most of the focus is on consumer traffic counting, SCDigest believes these tools - often using a store's existing security cameras - can play a huge role in addressing the retail out-of-stock problem by identifying out-of-stocks or near out-of-stocks through video analytics. i3 International is an example of a video analytics vendor addressing this opportunity.


i3 International Uses Video Analytics to Identify Out-of-Stocks


Ok, that's it from Day 1. Again, we'll be back with what we found on Day 2 next week

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