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Oct. 20, 2023
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Top Issues for Trucking Last 10 Years


Supply Chain by the Numbers


New Warehouse Construction to Drop Sharply in 2024
California Truckers Sue over Rules on eTruck Adoption
US Manufacturing Flat again in September
e2Open Stock Tanks, may be Taken Private


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Supply Chain Technology Is Changing The Way SMBs Compete

Real-Time Visibility Into Inventory Levels, Order Status, and Shipment Tracking Enables SMBs to Monitor and Manage Their Supply Chains More Effectively


Sam Polakoff
Founder and CEO


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Cloudy Outlook but With a Glimmer of Optimism

Expectations of Lower Import Demand for the Rest of the Year and Retailer Cautiousness Will not Bode Well for the Last Mile


Jay Kent
Managing Director
SLB Performance


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What is the largest US port after LA, Long Beach, and New York/New Jersey by TEU handled in 2022?

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Funniest Cartoon Caption Winners of All Time!

As I hope readers know, 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of SCDigest, wth the first newsletter issued September 25, 2003.


Here and there we've been running some features in recognition of our two decades in supply chain (see It's been 20 Years of SCDigest).


Among all the serious materials we have here at SCDigest, I must say the idea to have a supply chain cartoon caption contest to lighten things up a bit was among the smarter things we've done.




I must say the idea to have a supply chain cartoon caption contest to lighten things up a bit was among the smarter things we've done.

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Except it wasn't really my idea. The illustrator who draws our cartoons actually reached out to me in 2009, seeing if I would be interested in such an idea. He was doing a caption contest for a web site that focused on industrial automation equipment (PLCs and such), and decided to look around for similar opportunities.

He was actually concepting and illustrating each cartoon, but I didn't think that work for us - you have to have the doman knowledge. So I said "We'll concept, you draw" and that's how we got started.

It has been a big hit. We regularly receive emails from readers saying the cartoon captions bring some laughs that help a bit with the near constant stress that can be part of supply chain.

So I thought over two of these columns I would feature our favorite 10 or so caption winnners as part of our 20th year. It wasn't easy because almost contest produces at least one if not multiple great captions.


I will note all caption winners cited were at the companies or geographies listed at the time, but I am sure in many cases that has changed.


But let's start with the very first winner, Joel Wilmarth of Graybar, from the December 4, 2009 contest, at a time of a great freight recession:



Then in 2020, Gerry Anderson of Freight Intelligence Corp., came up with this witty caption winner:



In 2012, Ray Roberts of BISSELL Homecare sent a winning caption that made us laugh out loud:


Also in 2012, Ron Lilek of Boardwalktech sent in this witty winner:



Finally for this week, Susan Wellens of Boston sent in this funny entry for this contest where we poked a little fun at Walmart's famously faile RFID program:



There you have it - 5 of our best cartoon caption winners of all-time. We'll have another five in a couple of weeks.


Hope you enjoyed.


Any reaction to these "best of" supply chain cartoons? Let us know your thoughts at the Feedback button or section below.

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Feedback will return next week.

What is the largest US port after LA, Long Beach, and New York/New Jersey by TEU handled in 2022?

A: The Port of Savannah