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July 21, 2009
This Week
Featured Sponsor: SmartOps
Please join SmartOps, supply chain leaders and cutting edge companies at OUTPERFORM in Chicago. Learn how leading companies like Celestica, Eastman Chemical, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, Estee Lauder and others are strategically managing their global inventories to navigate the difficult economic times and prepare to outperform their peers in the upcoming economic turnaround.

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus
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Featured Story

Card Check Appears Dead for Now, but Coming Back in Another Guise that May Lead to Same Result

Distribution Centers May Still Require Secret Ballot to Organize, but Other Provisions Opposed by Business Likely to Return in Passable Bill

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Putting Some Numbers to Reverse Logistics

New Study says Retailers and Wholesalers Recovering More Value than Manufacturers; the Five Process Steps for Returns Processing

Take a tour of advanced warehouse management

Infor’s advanced warehouse management (WMS) is a powerful solution
to boost productivity in your internal warehousing operations.
View the 5 minute demo to see how you can extend your supply chain
capabilities inside and outside the four walls of your warehouse

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Featured Story

The New Supply Chain Normal: Supply Chain Gurus Weigh In

Mentzer and Tompkins Share their Perspectives; Is the Supply Chain Ever Normal?

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Creating Tax-Efficient Supply Chains

A Penny Saved is Not Always Penny Earned; New Support from Network Planning Software

A 360° Approach to Supplier Risk Management

Every week, a new international headline proclaims the consequences of NOT managing supplier risk, and the list of risks continues to grow. Aravo can help!  Aravo Risk is a comprehensive SaaS solution that provides a 360°
approach to supplier risk management.

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus
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HighJump Software

Featured Story

Ocean Ship Rates and Utilization Still in the Dumps, with No Real End in Sight

Prices Still Down by as Much as 80%, even as Some Add Capacity or Use Price to Gain Market Share; A Very Different Face for the Industry Soon

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Logistics Infrastructure Issues will be Back Soon, Offering Challenges - and Opportunities

Savvy Companies can Gain Major Competitive Advantage from Logistics, BCG's George Stalk Says

The Five Sure-Fire Strategies for Gaining Management Approval for WMS Projects

Implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) can help you achieve dramatic increases in inventory accuracy and on-time shipments, reduced labor costs, improved throughput and increased capacity for value-added services. However, despite the widespread consensus as to the benefits of WMS, gaining approval for a new system can be a challenging endeavor. This white paper will help you avoid going in blind—and significantly improves your chances of getting the project approved.

transportation Transportation Management Focus

Featured Story

What Would Happen to Oil Prices if Israel Does Attack Nuclear Capabilities in Iran?

Sky is the Limit, Says Stephen Schork of the Schork Report; "We Know We can Get to $147," he Tells SCDigest

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The Centralized Load Control Center 2.0

As Trend Towards Centralization Continues, Shared Services Models, Global Scope for LCCs are Next


RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus

Featured Story

How Well Do You Know Bar Codes?

Test Your Knowledge and Take Our Bar Code Quiz

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Expected Soon - Industry Consolidation among RFID Vendors

Recession, State of RFID in Retail Causing Financial Troubles for Many; What are Buyers to Do?



Leverage Your Existing Wireless Networks to Do More and Reduce Operating Costs

manufacturing Manufacturing Focus

Featured Story

Will the Great Recession Cause Capacity-Based Sourcing to Come of Age?

Bob Parker of IDC Says Maybe - but there are Real Challenges

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Chinese Light Bulb Manufacturer Coming to US

20-30 Cents Increase per Bulb Versus China Can be Managed, TCP CEO Says; from Private Label to Branded Products; GE Lighting went Offshore


Thinking "Inside the Box":
Utilizing Packaging Optimization to Achieve a World-Class Supply Chain

August 11, 2009

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus



Featured Story

Will Change in GM's Supply Chain Leadership Finally Open Door to Improved Supplier Relationships?

Move to Value-Based Rather than Cost-Based Approach to Procurement is Key, One Consultant Says

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VF Sourcing Strategies Show Need for Adaptability to Meet Changing Supply Chain Dynamics

As Supplier Base Shrinks, Apparel Giant goes Vertical - with a Twist

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