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February 10, 2009
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manufacturing Manufacturing Focus
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Featured Story

The Supply Chain and Manufacturing Improvement Tool Kits

From Lean to Theory of Constraints, Here is a Quick Overview

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Will Labor Unrest in Manufacturing be Next Blow to Supply Chains?

Amid Wildcat Strikes Across Europe, Labor is on the Move; Will Aggressive Union Actions Migrate to US?

supply Supply Chain Trends and Issues Focus
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Featured Story

How Do Forecasting Processes Need to Change in Tough and More Dynamic Times?

Getting more Granular and Urgent are Key, our Experts Say; Judgment has never been more Important

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The Top Five Themes across the Consumer Goods-To-Retail Supply Chain

From Looking at the Supply Chain from the Shelf Back to Going Green, these Trends are Animating the Supply Chains of Consumer Goods Companies and Retailers

distributionDistribution and Material Handling Focus

Featured Story

Distribution Center Audits -- Real Value, or Marketing Exercise?

Many Different Types and Providers, from Free to $25K; Making Team a True Part of the Process is Key to Acceptance and Success

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Organization Provides Platform for Supply Chain and Logistics

American Logistics Aid Network Seeks to Connect Need to Capabilities and Interest when Emergencies Arise; On-Going Call for Professionals to Join the Network

New Video Shows
How Voice Picking
in Distribution Works

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On-Line Video Gives
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of Voice in Case Picking Application at Performance
Food Group, a Leading Food
Service Distributor

transportation Transportation Management Focus
***NEW DATE***

Featured Story

Readers Respond - Do On-Demand Transportation Management (TMS) Systems Really Cost Less to Deploy?

A Variety of Opinions from SCDigest Readers; Is the Issue Scope or Effort Required?

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Getting a Handle on Expedited Freight

Step One - Actually Track It, Says AMR's Greg Aimi; Root Cause Analysis is Key Next Step, Even if Logistics Organization Rarely is the Bad Guy

On-Line Expo & Conference

***April 7th & 8th, 2009***

Connecting Solution
Providers with Customers

RFID RFID and Auto ID Focus
  Category Sponsor: SCTV

Featured Story

Do Hopes about RFID ROI Equal the Reality?

If 75% of users Expect Payback within Two Years, Can ROI Really be a Barrier to Adoption

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The Five-Cent Tag is Here, the Five-Cent Tag is Here! Well, Almost

Chinese Company Now Offers Inlays in US for 5.8 Cents; Will it Have an Impact on Adoption?


RFID Solution Helps Campbell Hausfeld Move Products Faster to Customers

global Global Supply Chain and Logistics Focus
Category Sponsor: SCTV  


10 Keys to Global
Logistics Excellence

Featured Story

Just How Risky has Mexico Become as Sourcing Location?

Violence, Fear, Gangs Exploding Still more in Border Towns, as One Report Warns of Possible Government Collapse; Conditions Much better Further Inland; US to Take more Direct Role in Providing Help

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China Finds Modern Labor Laws Come with a Price

New Laws Gave Many Workers More Rights than in US, but could be Accelerating the Pace of Factory Closures

sourcing Sourcing and Procurement Focus
Category Sponsor: SCTV  


Flexible Supply Chain Strategies

Featured Story

For Procurement Managers, a bit of Payback Time

Price Cuts from Suppliers Seem Well Justified after Years of Steady Cost Increases

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If Suppliers are Struggling Financially, What Should Procurement Organizations Do?

From Co-Buys to Reducing Payment Terms, Procurement Managers Need to Have Tool Sets in Place

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