Expert Insight: Gilmore's Daily Jab
By Dan Gilmore
Date: April 2, 2018

Expanding My Career Horizons


I Accept Outstanding Opportunity at Softeon, but SCDigest will Rock On

I am happy to announce, perhaps a bit surprisingly, that I have accepted the position of chief marketing officer at software firm Softeon.


This is simply an outstanding opportunity: Softeon has what I believe to be industry leading capabilities in areas like WMS, Distributed Order Management and more, and what are clearly the supply chain software industry's happiest customers.


With the focus on product and customers, marketing and sales to a degree lacked investment at Softeon over the years. That's why I am coming on board, with a chance to help this solid company get to the next level of market success.


I am excited - after 15 years of to an extent observing things from afar at SCDigest - that I will be back a bit and more directly in the fray, and I am anxious to do so.


The great news is I will continue to edit SCDigest and write my weekly First Thoughts column, and provide the best in news and thought leadership. The caption cartoons, Chain Reaction cartoon, Supply Chain by the Numbers, etc., will continue.


There will be some modest changes. I am just going to stay away from topics which present a conflict of interest, and/or that I can't write about objectively. But think that leaves a pretty wide field still open.


My comments and opinions in this role will be solely my own and will not reflect the corporate views of Softeon.


So I will be wearing a couple of hats, but have actually been doing so before formally joining Softeon for several weeks now, and am confident it can be done. Stop by see me at the MODEX show in Atlanta next week - I will be spending a lot of time in the Softeon booth, but also some time roaming the halls looking for cool new solutions to report on for you as well.


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Dan Gilmore is the editor of Supply Chain Digest.

Gilmore Says:

After 15 years of to an extent observing things from afar at SCDigest, I will be back a bit´┐Żand more directly in the fray, and I am anxious to do so.

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