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Supply Chain Digest's Cool New Product of the Month

- April 15, 2013 -

Cool New Supply Chain Product of the Month for April, 2013

The New "JDA eight" Platform Puts More than 30 Applications Under One Integrated Suite, Takes "Best of Best" Approach, Adds Cool new Features

Each month we can find one, SCDigest features a "Cool New Product," accompanied by a short video review. Just two rules -  it has to be new, and it has to be cool.

This Month: The newJDA eight supply chain software platform is Supply Chain Digest's Cool New Product of the Month for April, 2013.

What makes the recent release of this new software solution cool?

As SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore describes in the video nearby, JDA eight delivers a bold vision for a truly integrated software suite, the scale of which we have just not seen before in the supply chain.

Combining solutions from a number of JDA acquisitions, tying it all together with an enhanced workflow engine, rethinking the usage paradigm to be process-based, not product-based, plus a number of very interesting new capabilities - JDA has delivered and it is very cool.


View the short video for the full story.




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