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  - Jan. 18, 2012  

Supply Chain News: NRF Video Review and Comment - Individual Videos


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  by SCDigest Editorial Staff  

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore is just back from the National Retail Federation (NRF) "Big Show' at the Javits Center in New York City.

As always, Gilmore offered his video review and comment on the show. Here, we break up the full  video into individual sections for those readers who want a more tailored look at the show, depending on their interests.

To start, Gilmore summarizes key trends and these at this year's show. This is the longer of the videos. It also includes brief summaries of some of the educational sessions, including ones on RFID and e-commerce shipping policies.


Key NRF 2012 Themes and Trends



Next, with analytics one of those key themes, we hear from IBM's Patricia Waldron on IBM's view of next generation retail analytics.


IBM on Advanced Retail Analytics



We were very impressed with the "video analytics" capabilities of a company called ClickIt, and believe this is an area that will continue to grow, with potential uses in distribution in addition to retail. Turning video into data.


ClickIt's Video Analytics Solution



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Business Briefs



The Keys to WMS Success,

Maximizing JDA WMS

Performance and More






JDA Software announced a very interesting new cloud-based solution it calls Customer Engagement, similar in a sense to a Distributed Order Management solution, and more. Watch JDA's Vali Fayen discuss this new offering.


JDA Software's New Customer Engagement Solution


RedPrairie's retail group announced a new solution it calls Cloud Commerce, which again bundles Distributed Order Management capabilities, inventory management, CRM and more into a new solution targeted at mid-market retailers.


RedPrairie's New Commerce Cloud Solution



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