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  - Jan. 18, 2012  

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A European vendor with a growing US presence called GFK offers a very interesting data service solution that tracks a wide range of promotional activity (print ads, coupons) as well as in-store execution (display execution, pricing) which can then be linked with point of sales data to get a real handle on what activities provide what lift. A potential boon for demand planning, and ultimately helping companies get better at demand management.


GFK's Retai/Manufacturing Information Service



On a more traditional supply chain note, we found Descartes Systems' new Logistics Flow Control application amng the most interesting at the show. It helps retailers better management their inbound logistics operations, through improved visibility, PO/shipment consolidation and more. It also uniquely brings carriers into the mix, especially LTL providers, given them collaborative tools and retailers web-based control to better sync inbound flow with merchandising and supply chain needs.


Descartes Ssytems' Logistics Flow Control Application


Last year, we reported on Kroger's bar code scan tunnel, designed to speed up POS processing in the grocery channel. It was innovative, but Wincor Nixdorf has one-upped Kroger, with a sleeker design and additional software controls that will give retailers options about how to handle no scans. They say they are getting 98.5% read rates now, and can process 60+ items per minute. If it gains traction, could reduce the benefits of item-level RFID for CPG products.


Wincor Nixdorf's Bar Code Scan Tunnel



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Mobile POS was a key theme at the show, and Motorola partner Stella Nova had a big crowd both days of retailers interested in its POS app running on a Motorola Android tablet, The application looked great, and did a lot more than just traditional POS. Many retailers appeared very interested. We also loved Motorola's Innovation Bar - which had dozens of actual units visitors could touch, hold, play around with, etc. A great idea more exhibitors might think about for future shows.


Stella Nova's Mobile POS and Motorola's Cool Innovation Bar

Compliance Networks continues to lead the way in retail vendor compliance management solutions, and announced a nice new assessment and benchmarking service for vendor compliance at the show. May be the last area of supply chain where a formal assessment/benchmarking program didn't exist.


Compliance Network's New Compliance Assessment and Benchmarking Services


Finally, we were very impressed with the new supplier portal from a vendor called Manthan Systems - and seemed to us to back up there claim it was the most functionally rich portal on the market today. Nice looking too.


New Supplier Portal from Manthan Systems



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