Supply Chain by the Numbers

- Sept. 9 , 2011


Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Sept. 9, 2011


President Proposes Big Logistics Infrastructure Spend; Trailer Full of Meat Gone Baby Gone; Expensive Grain Terminal Sits Idle as WLU gets Violent; Here Come the Tablet PCS


$50 Billion

Amount of new spending on transportation infrastructure proposed this week by President Obama as part of a jobs program, running across roads, rail, aviation and other areas. Also proposed was spending of $10 billion to jump start a new "infrastructure bank." Missing from the analysis is that Congress could decide to subtract some of the dollars spent as stimulus here from the planned Highway bill in order to reduce deficit levels.




Tons of meat in a truck trailer stolen this week in Marshalltown, Iowa, as a driver for the Mid-Continent Trucking, as the driver of the truck left the trailer parked in a lot overnight.  When he returned the next day, it was gone. The truck did not have a GPS system for tracking, and last we heard had not yet been recovered.


Revised forecast for the gain in PC sales globally in 2011, down from 9.8% just three months ago, according to a new report from the analysts at Gartner. Part of the reason for the decline in the forecast is a slowing economy, but part is also that tablet PCs like the Apple iPad line are eating into sales of traditional PCs faster than expected. Ultimately, this will have an impact on supply chain software, as some vendors have already moved some applications to the iPad platform


 $200 Million

Cost to build a new grain terminal for a company called EGT, which has been trying to open the terminal in Longview Washington since July, but has been unable to due to its failure to reach an agreement with the IWLU. That dispute broke into violence this week, as EGT prepared to bring in workers from another union to operate the facility, causing IWLU members to briefly "take over" the facility, dump corn out of containers, and other actions. A judge has now issued an injunction.