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Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series:
Busting Voice Technology Myths



July 2, 2014

Adoption of Voice systems in distribution is growing at a rapid pace, as Voice has become a truly mainstream technology.

But some companies still do not look aggressively at Voice solutions and options - often due to misperceptions about Voice technology, some dating back a decade or more ago.

SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore and Jay Armant, vice president of product management at Vocollect by Honeywell, serve as our Voice myth busters in this lively discussion, which includes clips of how Voice solutions can filter out even the loudest distribution center noises.  

Think advanced WMS or material handling automation mitigate the benefits of Voice? We bust those myths too.

Not to be missed. View the video now below. See related research report from Supply Chain Insights to the right.


  Have a question for Jay? Send it Here and we will forward on for a personal response.  
  Want to learn more about Vocollect's Voice solutions? Visit the web site, or download the Supply Chain Insights White Paper on The Power of Voice  





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Voice Technology


The Power of Voice

The Value Proposition of the Voice-Directed


White Paper from Supply Chain Insights details how Voice delivers real value and operational savings, and also discusses misconceptions around Voice.


Not to be missed for those considering voice.


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