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Jan. 18, 2017

New ACTYLUS Smart Bin System from Apex Supply Chain Technologies is SCDigest's Cool New Product of the Month for January, 2017

System Automates Replenishment for Direct and MRO Materials On the Line Using Cloud Connectivity, Largely Eliminating Stockouts


Each month we can find one, SCDigest features a "Cool New Product," accompanied by a short video review. Just two rules -  it has to be new, and it has to be cool.

This Month: The new ACTYLUS Smart Bin System from Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a very worthy recipient of Supply Chain Digest's Cool New Product of the Month for January, 2017, and our first Cool New Product of the Year.

What makes this new Apex solution so cool?

As SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore describes in the video below, this Apex system - part of a broad array of cool solutions for automated storage from the company - monitors inventory of direct materials and MRO items stored locally on manufacturing lines, using cloud-based connectivity.

The system sends alerts when the materials reach a configurable threshold, triggering replenishment, largely making costly stockouts a thing of the past.

The system is highly flexible, and offers a strong set of benefits for both industrial distributors and/or manufacturing companies.

It all adds up to a very impressive solution. Watch Apex founder and CEO Kent Savage discuss the ACTYLUS system with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore on-site in Apex's impressive Innovation Lab, and also give viewers a demo of how the system works.

View the short video for the full story.


  Have a question for Apex? Send it here and we will forward on for a personal response.  
  Case study on success with the ACTYLUS Smart Bin Systems at Munters available here  


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