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Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series:

Steve Viscelli on Autonomous Trucks and Driver Jobs


Sept. 26, 2018

What is going to be the impact of self-driving trucks on truck driving jobs?
Actually, there are all kinds of opinions on that question, and no one knows for sure.

But someone we trust has a good handle on the issue is Steve Viscelli, a sociologist who is a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Robert A. Fox Leadership Program and a senior fellow at its Kleinman Center for Energy Policy.

Viscelli made a name for himself in logistics circles in 2016, when he authored a book titled "The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream" in 2016.

Here, Viscelli discusses his latest research on the impact of autonomous trucks and driver jobs, and let's just say it is very impressive.

Watch Viscelli and SCDigest Editor Gilmore discuss this topic in this short video, in an excerpt from our weekly Supply Chain Video News broadcast with CSCMP.

Please take a look.


Viscelli's research can be found here.


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