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Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series:
The Transportation Frankenstorm to Worsen - What Shippers Can Do Now



March 19, 2018

Select your term of choice: Is it a transportation perfect storm, or as some are now starting to call it a "Frankenstorm?"


Whatever your pick, times are indeed tough these days for shippers, with rates soaring and capacity tight. But Mike Regan of TranzAct Technologies - who predicted this scenario many months in advance - says that things are going to get even worse over the next few months.


Regan explains why that is - and three things shippers can do in response - in this fast pace Supply Chain Thought Leaders Video discussion with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore.


Want to learn more about this critical topic? Visit TranzAct's Perfect Storm Center for news, tools, video and more. You will find the excellent web site here.

Please watch the excellent video discussion below.


  Have a question for Regan on the current situation and what to do about it? Send it Here and we will forward on for  a personal response.  
  Visit TranzAct Technologies Transportation Perfect Storm Center Here


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