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Emerging Tech Risk for Mobile Devices in DCs?



July 31, 2017


There are literally millions of mobile wireless devices - mostly what the industry call RF terminals - in distribution centers and other logistics applications across the US and the world.

Not well known, there is a looming development relative to a key related technology that users need to be aware of – and possibly take action. It all has to do with Microsft soon sunsetting the mobile operating systems that most of these devices run on.

To fill us in on all this, SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore recently spoke with Ron Kubera, an executive vice president at Lucas Systems, a provider of mobile work execution solutions in distribution, and a real expert on this topic. Kubera says increasingly, mobile devices are using the Android operating system.

Please watch this short clip, excerpted from our weekly supply chain video news broadcast from our Supply Chain Television Channel and CSCMP. To learn more about this important issue, download the excellent executive brief from Lucas on this topic: Windows Mobile Sunset: Implications For Distribution Centers

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