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July 11, 2017

Automated Asset Management Solution for Mobile Devices in the DC or Store from Apex Supply Chain Technologies

Dispensing System Leverages the Cloud, Provides Complete Control and Tracking, Reduces Labor Costs and Improves Management of Expensive Assets


SCDigest Begins New Regular Series on Smart Solutions to Reduce Logistics Costs

Anyone who has spent much time in distribution centers knows the costs and headaches many operations experience relative to mobile device management. Ditto for many retail stores.


There can be long times waiting to pick-up or return mobile devices such as RF termnals and Voice units, and challenges accurately tracking who has what device when - and if it was returned in good working condition.


The asset management system for mobile devices from Apex Supply Chain Technologies slickly addresses all those challenges, using an automated dispensing system connected to the Cloud that provides detailed and complete control of the process and the devices - while substantially lowering costs.


Watch SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore discuss this solution with Apex founder and CEO Kent Savage, with a demo of just how the slick system works.


"This is just a better way," Gilmore says.

View the short video for the full story.


  Have a question for Apex Supply Chain Technologies on this product or idea? Send it here and we will forward on for a personal response.  
  Learn about the Apex Asset Management solution for mobile devices here  


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