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Amazon Driver Caught Twice on Tape Hurling Parcels in Miami



May 16, 2017


On two separate days last week, the same Amazon delivery driver was caught on home video surveillance in the Miami area not exactly treating customer parcels with care.

The driver is shown on the video below rather aggressively tossing a couple of parcels over a consumer’s back yard fence.

Just the next day, another home owner's camera system captures the same woman, while still seated in her car, simply throwing the packages out of her window towards the porch.

A loud thud can be heard when the first package lands on the front driveway in that second video. Ouch.

Amazon initially responded to the first video by saying the company has "high standards for our delivery partners and expect every package to be handled with care."

But then Amazon announced that then let delivery driver had indeed been let go.


How are your parcels being handled? Please check out this short video.

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