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Impact of Driverless Trucks on Supply Chain Networks - and Drivers



Feb. 13, 2017


So-called autonomous or driverless truck technology is coming along very fast, with billions of dollars of investments rapidly pushing the technology forward.


SCDigest expert insight  columnist Dr. Michael Watson recently completed a series of three very provocative columns considering how automous trucks might impact various areas of supply chain - you can find those columns here: A Non-Obvious Way Self Driving Trucks May Impact Your Network Design Strategy; Why Driverless Trucks May Create the Need for More Drivers; and Self-Driving Trucks May Create New Roles and New Types of Jobs


Watson discussed two of these topics - the impact of autonomous trucks on supply chain network design and how driverless trucks might actually create trucking jobs - with SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore, in a clip excerpted from our Supply Chain Video News broadcast released each week in partnership with CSCMP.


Please watch this fast-paced and very interesting video discussion below.

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