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Chain Reaction

The bi-weekly cartoon about

the supply chain team at Mongo Foods

Feb. 5, 2019

This Month's "Chain Reaction" Supply Chain Cartoon Strip:

Different Views of Voice Technology in the DC


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Our Cast of Supply Chain Characters at Mongo Foods:

Stacey Wiggins,
Director of Transportation
Marvin Starks,
Earl Hubbard,
Director of Distribution
Neville Regan,
VP of Marketing
Alvin Brubaker,
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Lanny Fung,
Myra Peete,
Administrative assistant to Alvin Brubaker
Nancy Stimler,
Distribution Center Manager
Nickey Rollins,
Director of Supply Chain Planning
Stanley Berger,
Director of Procurement

Chain Reaction is Brought to You By:

Have an idea for a cartoon we can use for Chain Reaction?

If you can think of a funny situation or scenario appopriate for Chain Reaction,

please send in our ideas below.

We'll give you full credit, and a framed cartoon of your idea if we use it.

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