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Supply Chain News Makers Video Series:
LLamasoft's Toby Brzoznowski on Trends in Network Design -
and a New Approach to Supply Chain Planning



June 19 , 2017


Toby Brzoznowski of LLamasoft is one of the industry's top thought leaders when it comes to supply chain network design.


Brzoznowski and SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore discuss an interesting trend in supply chain design, with companies using network optimization tools to make decisions in increasingly shorter time frames, clearly involving tactical and lately even operational planning. That is a major change from the longer term, more strategic-oriented questions such tools historically have addressed.


That trend is certainly connected to a bold new approach by LLamasoft to enter the traditonal supply chain planning solutions market - using a very novel approach.


Please watch this fast-paced discussion, excerpted from our weekly supply chain video news broadcast from our Supply Chain Television Channel and CSCMP.

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