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August 23, 2017Sorting It Out: Don't Let Daily Tactical Issues Subvert Strategic Planning
If You're not Planning for Growth - then Don't Expect Any!
  Topics : Distribution | Supply chain strategy
May 26, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Is It Time for Supply Chain 4.0 in Consumer Goods?
McKinsey Identifies Six Value Drivers it Says will Lead to Step Change Improvements in Cost and Agility
  Topics : Consulting/consultants | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership
March 15, 2017Sorting It Out : Consultant Verses Industry Expert -- Understanding The Difference
Knowing Whether to Hire a Consultant or Industry Expert can Save Time & Money
  Topics : Distribution | Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain strategy
November 03, 2016Drug Supply Chain Security Act: Is Your Warehouse Ready for Item-Level Serialization?
The Right Solution Will Increase the Efficiency of Your Distribution Operations
  Topics : Supply chain security | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership
November 01, 2016White Paper: Integrated Business Planning in Developing Markets
Oliver Wight has released a new white paper which discusses how to manage volatility in developing markets to deliver strategic success. In this paper, Monte Maritz explains how the management process Integrated Business Planning allows an organization to execute an effective strategic response to its environment, whatever it is, and wherever it is in the world. Is IBP relevant in a market that is extremely dynamic or with high levels of political or economic uncertainty? The answer is an emphatic yes. Read how by downloading your complimentary copy here.
  Topics : Integrated logistics | Supply chain strategy
June 28, 2016Supply Chain by Design: Profit Maximization Feature and Amazon’s Focus on Lead Time to Grow Revenue
A Network Meant to Increase Revenues can be Designed Using the Cost Minimization Feature
  Topics : | Supply chain finance | Supply chain strategy
February 12, 2016Where is the Global Supply Chain Headed?
Global Trade Volumes Continue to Slow - for Now - While New SCDigest Study Benchmarks Global Sourcing and Trade Management Practices
  Topics : Global logistics | Global sourcing | Global supply chain | Supply chain strategy | Supply Chain Trends
January 16, 2016On-Demand Videocast: Using Supply Chain Modeling to Improve Operations and Outperform the Competition
PriceSmart Builds Optimized, Aligned and Dynamic Supply Chain Network
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain strategy
December 03, 2015Using Supply Chain Modeling to Improve Operations, PriceSmart Story Videocast Slides
Slides from our excellent Videocast on using network design to gain competitive advantage, featuring Frank Diaz of retail leader PriceSmart. Great material.
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Retail industry supply chain | Supply chain strategy
October 27, 2015Innovations in Supply Chain Design Videocast Slides
Slides from our Excellent Videocast on Innovations in Supply Chain Network Design. Featuring Mike Watson of Northwestern University and Toby Brzoznowski of LLamasoft
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply chain strategy

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