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May 08, 2019Green Supply Chain News: Highlights from Apple's 2018 Supplier Responsibility Report
Lot of Good Information, as Apple Makes More Progress, but Document become Increasingly Promotional
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Supply chain strategy
April 29, 2019Supply Chain News: Kanban as A Learning Strategy
Maybe Strategy is Best Achieved through Lean Execution
  Topics : Lean | Manufacturing | Supply chain strategy
February 11, 2019Yes, Sustainability Can be a Strategy
New Paper: Sustainability can be Both a Necessity and a Differentiator
  Topics : GREEN_WEB | Supply chain strategy
February 05, 2019Supply Chain Newsmakers Video: Is it Time Now for Continuous Supply Chain Planning?
Expert Addresses Many Questions, Including what is More Important, People, Process or Technology?
  Topics : Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain strategy
May 23, 2018Blockchain: Transforming the Supply Chain and Logistics Industries
Use Cases to Show how Blockchain Technology has Solved Supply Chain Problems
  Topics : Supply chain strategy
May 18, 2018Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: A Framework for Inventory Decision Making
Visibility, Analytics, Knowledge - and Governance?
  Topics : Inventory management | Inventory optimization | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership
December 01, 2017White Paper: Making Lemonade in the Age of Trade Restrictions
This white paper discusses the importance of understanding some of the quirkier import and export anomalies, which can save time and headaches from denied shipments and surprise tariffs. Provided by Amber Road.
  Topics : Compliance and Trade Management | Supply chain strategy
November 14, 2017"Winter is Coming" - Do You Have the Right Supply Chain Metrics to Weather the Coming Storm?
Gartner's Hierarchy of Metrics: Alignment of Performance Measurements Across the Supply Chain
  Topics : Metrics/Performance measurement | Supply chain excellence | Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain strategy | Supply chain thought leadership
November 02, 2017Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The 5Cs of Supply Chain Digitization
IDC's Simon Ellis Provides a Useful Model to Frame Digitization Strategies
  Topics : Supply chain strategy | Supply Chain Trends
September 28, 2017Supply Chain News: CSCMP 2017 Day 3 Video Review and Comment
SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore from the Conference Floor in Atlanta
  Topics : Supply chain strategy | Supply Chain studies | Supply chain thought leadership | Supply Chain Trends | Trip Reports

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