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Supply Chain News: Warehouse Theft Remain Big Problem for Companies Large and Small


Thieves Steal Gear Worth $600,000 from GoTrak Warehouse Near Dallas, Texas

Feb. 16, 2021
SCDigest Editorial Staff

Warehouse theft remains a huge problem, even if companies often downplay the news.

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So there it is – recent warehouse theft on both a large and small scale.

What do you say?

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But a recent web search for the term "warehouse theft" brought back several recent news stories, as it always does – including one in which $600,000 in goods were swiped in a matter of minutes.

That mega-theft happened at a warehouse operated for GoTrax, a distributor of hoverboards, scooters and similar gear from a DC in Carrollton, Texas.

As reported by, the theft on Jan. 22 occurred at 2 AM on a Friday night.

It worked like this – almost all of it captured on the company's video system outside the DC.

Several people jumped the fence outside the distribution center. It is not clear how – an accomplice that works at the DC seems likely – but the thieves acquired a key for the small yard mule truck that was blocking the gate and moved it.

The perpetrators then cut the gate chains and within minutes, four semi tractors made their way inside the yard and quickly attached to trailers.

Just minutes later, the tractors with the now attached trailers full of expensive GoTrax inventory can be seen on the video.

Shortly after, the trucks hit the road with $600,000 worth of scooters and hoverboards. Each trailer contained $150,000 worth of new product.

According to the time stamps on the videos, the whole theft took less than 20 minutes.

"Somebody obviously knows our yard, our shipping yard. They knew exactly what to do and which containers to get and to take," he said, adding "You see four semi trucks pulling in, you start to wonder how is this really possible," GoTrax COO Nathan Carlson told WFAA – clearly implying it was an inside job.

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But that bold theft is hardly the only recent warehouse thievery.

Close by in the search results is another story, in which tens of thousands of dollars of product were stolen from a warehouse in Opa-Locka, Florida - and the accused thief was someone the owner thought she could trust, according to a story on

Owner Destiny Smith said her small but growing wig business saw a break-n the middle of the night at its small warehouse, in which almost all the inventory was stolen, worth some $40,000.00.

Smith claims wigs seen quickly thereafter on Snapchat are among those missing from her shop, and accuses a specific employee of organizing the theft.

So there it is – recent warehouse theft on both a large and small scale.

Next week – tips for minimizing your risk for similar the thefts at a DC.

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