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- Oct. 17, 2012 -


RFID and Auto ID News: Supply Chain Tech Note - Vocollect's New Voice Headset Applies Smart Engineering Effort to Important but Often Overlooked System Component


Our View: SRX2 Unit Sets New Standard for Voice Market


SCDigest Editorial Staff


Just recently, SCDigest was briefed on a new voice headset from Vocollect, the SRX2 unit.


In addition, Vocollect sent a unit to editor Dan Gilmore for a "hands on" review.

Our new Supply Chain Tech Note offers a detailed look at the SRX2, and in summary, we were impressed. Vocollect has put some really smart design and engineering effort into a product category that in retrospect seems to have been overdue for such an effort, taking an almost commoditized product area and really setting a new standard for the voice market.

That it has taken this long for a refresh of voice headsets is in a sense unusual, given that headsets are in fact the way distribution center workers really interface with a voice system.

Among the benefits of the new SRX2 headset:

• More comfortable feel when worn

Improved voice recognition

Significant reduction in erroneous voice "insertions," in which the voice recognition system thinks an extraneous DC noise (e.g., horn beeping, pallet dropping) is actually a voice response

Improve audio "fidelity" in the earphone

Separation of the headband and microphone unit to reduce investment in units and spares.

You will find our full review and comment in the Tech Note: Supply Chain Digest Tech Note: New Voice Headset from Vocollect Sets New Standard for the Market


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