Supply Chain by the Numbers: Week of November 13 , 2009

-November 13, 2009


This Week’s Supply Chain by the Numbers – Steel Oil Well Pipe Tariff, JDA Software Acquisition of i2, FedEx Christmas Shipping, Emerson Electric Company Production


The Supply Chain and Logistics Numbers Worth Knowing This Week: Tricks of the Trade, On Second Thought, Christmas Ship Coming In for FedEx, Farr and Away



The top of a range of a new set of tariffs recommended last week by the U.S. International Trade Commission on steel oil well pipes imported from China – some $3.2 billion worth annually. The move continues the growing trade tensions between China and the US.



$396 million

Total price that JDA Software is paying to acquire i2 Technologies, as its second attempt at the deal looks likely to make it through this time. The 2008 deal that fell apart amidst the financial crisis was for $346 million.

13 million

The number of packages that FedEx says it expects to ship on the busiest day of the Christmas season this year – which it predicts will be on Dec. 14. The important part of the news is that, if true, this would be an increase of 8% over last year’s busiest day, another indicator of economic recovery.


The percentage of production by Emerson Electric Co. in “best cost” countries, versus 21% in 2003, according to a speech this week by David Farr, CEO of the $20 billion manufacturer. In the speech, Farr was critical of US manufacturing policies.