Supply Chain by the Numbers: Week of April 16, 2009

-April 16, 2009


This Week's Supply Chain by the Numbers - Intra-Company Global Trade, TWIC Program, Oil Demand, Shipper's Disconnect with Government


The Supply Chain and Logistics Numbers Worth Knowing This Week: Global Trade and GDP Drop Mismatch, TWIC Program Moves Along, Falling Oil Demand Spoils OPEC Production Target, Government Officials and Shippers - Stranger than Fiction



The estimated amount of global trade that is “intra-company,” such as a company owned factory in China shipping parts to the US, according to Simeon Djankov, chief economist for finance and the private sector at the World Bank, in an article this week looking for reasons why global trade has dropped so much more sharply than GDP.



1.2 million

The approximate number of truck drivers and port workers that have been issued security cards under the TSA’s Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program, though the TSA announced this week it was way behind in getting readers for the cards installed at the ports. However, the TSA said the background checks for card issuance have already provided many security benefits, and that the cards would be hard to forge even in the absence of the high-tech readers.


The amount of the expected drop in global demand for oil in 2009, according to new OPEC estimates. OPEC has reduced its oil production target by an overall 4.2 million barrels per day since September to 24.84 million bpd in an attempt to counteract the impact of falling demand on oil prices.


The number of shippers who had ever met with government officials regarding transportation legislation, regulation, infrastructure or other matters, according to a recent survey by MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics.