On the retail side, just over half of respondents were from the “other specialty retail” segment.

Department stores made up the second biggest segment, with 23% of the total, followed by specialty apparel (15%) and then mass merchants and grocers, both at 5% of the total.

From a size perspective, again there was a very broad mix, with the single largest participation from retailers with sales of between $11 and $49 billion (25% of the total), followed by the
$3-5 billion segment at 22.5%. Smaller retailers (under $500 million in sales) were just 7.5% of the total.

There was a similar story on the vendor side. The sectors represented were so diverse, from food to toy manufacturers, that a chart depicting the spread would be of comparatively little value. Literally every consumer goods sector was represented.

From a size perspective, it was a nice mix, with almost 25% representing smaller vendors under $100 million in sales, while a combined 17% have annual sales of $6 billion or greater.

A table of example retailers and manufacturers participating in the survey is shown in the sample charts tool at the bottom of this page.