Supply Chain Digest readers were solicited to complete a survey relative to supply chain relationships between retailers and manufacturers. The RVCF (Retail Value Chain Federation), which has a number of members of both retailers and vendors, also promoted the survey to its audience.

The initial question asked respondents to identify themselves as a retailer, manufacturer/vendor, or “other,” such as consultants, academics, technology vendors, etc.
Each group then went down a different survey path, though in many cases retailers and vendors were asked nearly identical questions so that we would obtain perspectives from both sides.

In the end, we received responses from about 50 retailers, 200 vendors and 80 in the other category.
Just under responses were obtained, across a wide varieties industry, including responses from many well-known companies, and both large and smaller firms. See respondent profile tab.

The results were tabulated and turned into a highly graphical, easy to read report, putting the survey result data into context, and concluding with an overall grade of B- for the current state of retailer-vendor relations.