Nov. 10, 2006

Help Us Find a Better Acronym than "RISCED" for

Today's Transportation Challenges

Best Idea Receives a $50 Best Buy or Circuit Gift Card

A few weeks ago, SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore wrote the following in his review of the 2006 CSCMP Conference in San Antonio:

"I suggested all of us, myself most included, should stop spending lots of time in presentations describing the current transportation challenges of fuel surcharges, tight capacity, driver shortages, etc. It’s starting to become “blah, blah, blah.” So, henceforth, a few things I have “in the can” excepted, I am going to swear off that recitation. I have even come up with a (not so good) short hand way to do it, that I make freely available to all: RISCED.

  • Rates (rising)

  • Infrastructure (lousy in the U.S.)

  • Service demands (customers keep raising the requirements)

  • Capacity (who’s got a truck?)

  • Energy (ok, I needed a vowel, and used this instead of fuel)

  • Driver shortages

So, now we can just put “RISCED” on our slides, and summarize the whole set of challenges in one word. I am open to improvements in the acronym. "

We offered a SCDigest polo short for the best response, and have received a few submissions, most just re-arranging the suggested letters.

Now, in the spirit of the season, we're upping the ante.

Send in your suggestions. We'll pick the best one, and the winner will receive a $50 Gift Card from Best Buy or Circuit City - just in time for your Holiday shopping. Be creative!

Send your submissions to:  feedback@scdigest.com

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