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- May 15, 2014 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: How Do Distribution Technologies Stack Up?


In Terms of One Set of Value Metrics, Voice Technology Wins the Triple Crown


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



SCDigest recently completed a survey and outstanding report on user perceptions, usage and investment plans across a series of distribution technologies. The analysis focused on hardware-related solutions, not software systems such as WMS or labor management.

Given the tremendous growth that Voice technology has achieved in distribution, the study included a special focus in that area.


The chart below is from the report, comparing the relative rankings of the six DC technologies included in our study across three dimensions: ability to drive DC process improvement; reduction in operating costs, and delivery of a strong return on investment. Respondents were asked to rate each technology across those three attributes on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 being the highest ranking), and the scores in the table below thus represent an average across all respondents.



Source: SCDigest Research


As can be seen, Voice dominated the rankings, coming in first in all three areas, by rather substantial amounts. That should sure make Voice vendors happy.


The excellent, infographic-stype report looks at many other issues and concerns, and is available to download here: A User's Perspective on Distribution Technologies


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