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- May 2, 2014 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: How Much do Procurement Managers and Execs Make?


Annual ISM Salary Survey Benchmarks Total Compensation at Different Levels, as Once Again Women are Paid Less than Men


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



Just how much do your peers or colleagues in procurement bring home?

The folks at the Institute for Supply Management answer that question every year with their annual salary survey, based on a large number of responses from purchasing and procurement managers,


This year's results were just released, and are shown in the graphic below. The compensation number includes both salary and any bonus payments, but not any other benefits.




Source: ISM


Once again this year, as has been true for many years and probably since the start of the survey, women in procurement make less than men. For example, male procurement managers average total compensation of about $108,000 (in 2013) versus just $95,000 for women. Not shown here, but previous ISM salary studies have found this discrepancy holds true even when segmented by education levels or size of company.


One excetion this year is at the chief procurement officer level, where women average more than men, but we suspect this was impacted by a small number of highly paid females providing data this year.


To SCDigest's view, this gender discrepancy needs to somehow be explained.


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