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- March 13, 2014 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Visibility Transformation at HP


Move From More Traditional, Linear Thinking to Real-Time, Holistic, Cloud-based Approach will Drive Customer Service, Reduce Costs


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



Tech giant HP is counting on Cloud-based supply chain visibility and collaboration to enable it to enable it to move its already high performance supply chain to new levels of excellence.

That was certainly the message from Pervinder Johar, Vice President, Supply Chain IT Global Supply Chain Systems at HP, during a recent major Videocast on our Supply Chain Television Channel.


To view the full Videocast on-demand, go to: Videocast - Supply Chain Visibility at HP


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HP's strategy is nicely illustrated in the graphic below. As can be seen, HP's thinking is changing from a somewhat linear and siloed approach to a more real-time, holistic capability that recognizes actual supply chains do not work in the straight line type of fashion many exiting models represent.



Source: Pervinder Johar, HP


Johar said the primary driver of this program in the end is really allowing HP to be more responsive to customers. That comes from being able to see true demand and changes in demand more quickly, and then being able to equally quickly organize a supply chain response based on accurate, granular and real-time, views of inventory and capacity across multiple tiers of its supply chain.


That in the end will also lead to a reduction in a number of supply chain costs, especially inventories, Pervinder said. In the end, HP will be able to integrated supply chain planning and execution at a much deeper level.


Michael Schmitt, chief marketing officer at E2open, added that many companies are looking "to move away from a world of anticipation, where I am living around a forecast, and moving to a world that's more responsive, where as demand comes in, I can react to it."


He noted this is especially for largely outsourced supply chains, such as HP manages, where all the different parties can create additional lead time and inventory buffers.


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Mar, 18 2014