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- Dec. 20, 2012 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Progress Levels in Building the Shelf-Connected Supply Chain


Interest is String, but High Percent of Companies Believe they are Behind in Building Shelf-Connected Capabilities


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



A couple of months ago, Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) Insights published a very interesting report on "the shelf connected supply chain" - looking at the promise and reality of finally tying retail point of sale information all the way  back to the factory floor.

From that report is the following graphic, which shows how both consumer goods manufacturers and retailers rate their progress on achieving a shelf-connected supply chain versus their competition.



Source: CSCO Insights


As can be seen, just 2.4% of manufacturers and 10.7% of retailers viewed themselves as being "well ahead" of their competitors in terms of building a shelf-connected supply chain. On the other hand, 31.7% of manufacturers and 35.7% of retailers say they are either well behind or slightly behind.


This is interesting, as in most such surveys, companies tend to overrate themselves (i.e., often, more than 50% say they are above average performers).


The full report is available here: Building the Supply Chain from the Shelf Back.



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