Supply Chain by the Numbers

- Nov. 4 , 2010 -


Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Nov. 4, 2010


Dollar Down, Oil Prices Up; California Says No to State Cap-Trade Delay; Dedicated Transport on the Rise; Cargo Defused with Minutes to Go



Year over year growth in carrier JB Hunt's dedicated transportation businesses unit for Q3, matching reports from several other carriers who say many shippers appear to be gravitating towards dedicated services to ensure capacity, amidst predictions and evidence capacity is tightening significantly in the US truckload market.





Percent of California voters who chose No on Proposition 23, which would have delayed implementation of the state's tough new greenhouse gas emissions law until unemployment in the Golden State fell below 5.5%. With the measure's defeat, implementation will begin in the next few years, with a goal of reducing GHG emissions in 2006 by 15% by 2020, likely in part through a regional cap and trade system. Impact on the nation's businesses not yet clear, though state utilities to bear the brunt of the effort.


Price per barrel of oil reached briefly this morning, a six-month high, before slipping back to about $85. Oil prices are said to be rising, perhaps now up to at least $90 in the short term, because of the Federal Reserve's announced "quantitative easing" program, which will flood the market will dollars. Because oil is traded internationally in dollars, as the value of the dollar falls, oil prices (and those of other commodities) should rise.


Number of minutes a French official is saying were left on a timer that would have exploded one of the two cargo bombs in the terror plot last week before  authorities were able to disarm it. The bombs were found wired to cell phones and hidden in toner cartridges. French Interior minister Brice Hortefeux made the comment today, though it is likely the bomb had already been discovered, so that the 17 minutes does not imply a flying aircraft was actually that close to danger. Authorities believe the bombs were on timers using the cell phones, rather than set to detonate with a cell phone call.