Supply Chain by the Numbers

- Oct. 7 , 2010 -


This Week’s Supply Chain by the Numbers for Oct. 7, 2010


Green Packaging Doesn't Mean Green Bottom Line for SunChips; Use of 3PLs down Big in 2009; Union Demographic Aging; Kraft Eyes POS Potential



The amazing drop in sales for Frito-Lay's SunChips brand since the introduction of its new biodegradable bags made entirely from plant material last April. The rigid molecular structure of the bags caused very loud crunching sounds when they were opened and closed, noise that proved very irritating to some consumers. While it isn't clear how much of the sales drop was related to the new bags, Frito-Lay reverted to its traditional plastic-based bags this week, bringing into question just how strong the Green consumer movement really is.





The percent of total logistics costs spent with 3PLs in North America last year, according to survey data in the 2010 Third-Party Logistics Report from Georgia Tech's Dr. John Langley, Capgemini , and other participants.  That number was down substantially (more than 10 percent) versus 2008, as companies appear to have cut back on 3PL expenditures before cutbacks in their own operations.



The number one age demographic for private sector union members, according to an article this week in the Washington Examiner.  The lowest rate of union membership is among younger workers. All told, just 7.2 percent of private-sector workers belong to a union today.



Expected amount of its total sales volume for which Kraft Foods plans to receive detailed Point of Sale data from its retail customers and which will be brought in to its new Kraft Integrated Demand Signal  (KIDS) analytic system, as the company evolves to a completely demand-driven model, according to Kraft supply chain executive Philippe Lambotte at a University of Wisconsin supply chain presentation last week.