Supply Chain by the Numbers

-July 22 , 2010


This Week’s Supply Chain by the Numbers for July 22, 2010


Cargo Screenting Cometh; Union Pacific Really Moving Railcars; Abercrombie Bulks Up Inventories; Motorola Says Chinese Company Stole Trade Secrets



The number of manufacturers, freight forwarders and other entities that have currently been certified to screen their own air cargo bound for the US off of airport grounds ahead of the Aug. 1 mandate for 100% cargo screening. Another 100 are said to potentially be certified before the deadline. Officials are more confident now this group will help alleviate logjams at airports that had been a big concern for shippers as the deadline approached – but we will have to wait a week to see.




Increase in second quarter railcar loadings for Union Pacific over 2009, according to the company’s earnings announcement this week. Automotive volumes about doubled in the period, while industrial railcar shipments were up 30%. UP’s quarterly profit rose to $711 million from $465 million in 2009.


Rise in inventories in the second quarter for apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch – but that’s after a drop of 35% in inventories in Q2 2009. The Wall Street Journal reports that there are growing problems with US apparel retailers getting merchandise quickly from Chinese manufacturers, leading some to bulk up on in inventory levels to cope.


Number of former employees Motorola said were involved in channeling trade secrets related to cell phone technology to China’s Huawei Technologies, as alleged in a suit Motorola filed this week in US district court. Huawei, one of China’s largest and most global manufacturers, has denied the charges. Motorola's complaint alleges that Huawei engaged in an elaborate scheme over a number of years to steal Motorola's latest technology.