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-July 8, 2010 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: ERP versus Best-of-Breed WMS

  Decade Long Debate Continues; Shouldn't We have Settled the TCO Issue by Now? New SCDigest Letter on WMS  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


Although the battle seems to us to have cooled a bit, the decision over whether to go with their ERP vendor or a a "best-of-breed" provider for a company's Warehouse Management System (WMS) continues to be a tough one for many firms.

The graphic below, summarizing the arguments on both sides of the debate, was taken from our Supply Chain Digest Letter on WMS 2007. We use the graphic this week because our latest SCDigest Letter on WMS 2010 is mailing next week with our usual comprehensive look at a single supply chain topic or technology. To ensure you receive your mailed hard copy, request the issue be mailed to you here: Request SCDigest Letter on WMS 2010. We promise it will be a great issue.

Source: Supply Chain Digest

A couple of interesting observations from this graphic.

First, to a large extent these arguments on both sides are about the same as would be made for any supply chain application, whether its WMS, TMS, supply chain planning, or anything else.

Second, we always note how both sides say they offer lower total cost of ownership. After more than 10 years of this, shouldn't this question be settled by now?

Again, request your copy of the SCDigest Letter on WMS here: SCDigest Letter on WMS 2010

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