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-January 21, 2010


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: A Decade in Supply Chain Timeline

  What a Decade in SCM the 2000s Were - Take a Review in our Graphical Supply Chain and Logistics Timeline  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


What a decade it has been in supply chain management - the change and developments are breathtaking, when looked at as a whole.

We've had some fun with this for the last two weeks - starting with SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore's review of the key trends and developments in supply chain over the last 10 years (See A Decade of Supply Chain Management), and then a detailed, year-by-year chronology of the major SCM events in the 2000s. (See A Decade in Supply Chain Chronology).

The graphic below, which may be the longest graphic in supply chain management web history, provides a more visual view of those events year by year - taking select news from the full chronology (that article lists even more important events and news).

Take a look below:


Source: Supply Chain Digest


It has been fun doing the research and putting this decade in perspective - we all wonder what the next 10 years will bring.


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