Supply Chain by the Numbers: Week of August 27, 2009

-August 27, 2009


This Week’s Supply Chain by the Numbers – Toyota Capacity, New Factory for LG, Offshoring in Reverse, RFID in Apparel


The Supply Chain and Logistics Numbers Worth Knowing This Week: Toyota - "Moving Forward" by Scaling Back, New LG Factory Makes "Life Good" in China, Farouk Systems Moving to Houston while the Iron is Hot, RFID and Apparel - a Perfect Marriage



The percent of its capacity that Toyota will use for 2009 automobile production amidst the global economic slow down and slumping car demand, as it announced this week that it was closing production lines in Japan and the UK to trim capacity.



$3 billion

Estimated cost of a new factory LG Display plans in China that will produce liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, the company announced this week. LG and Samsung, both of South Korea, are leading manufacturers of such displays for flat screen TVs and monitors, but have not yet moved panel production out of their home countries, instead shipping the panels made in Korea into China for final product assembly for the growing market there until now.


The approximate incremental increase in per unit manufacturing costs that Farouk Systems, maker of the CHI hair iron, says it will incur by moving production back from China to a large new factory in Houston. The company’s high-end products retail for about $150.00. The company hopes to counter the cost increase through improved inventory management and customer responsiveness.


The improvement in “perfect” in-store inventory counts versus what the store’s perpetual inventory system said in an RFID-enabled apparel area at a Bloomingdale’s department store, according to new research by the University of Arkansas.