Supply Chain by the Numbers: Week of July 23, 2009

-July 23, 2009


This Week's Supply Chain by the Numbers - Ocean Carriers, CIT Group, JDA Software, Multi-Modal


The Supply Chain and Logistics Numbers Worth Knowing This Week: Whatever Floats Your Boat, National Retail Federation Crying on Behalf of the Bank, JDA Software - Real Revenue Results, RSR Shooting Fish in a Barrel with Muti-Modal



The level of rate increase some ocean carriers are asking shippers to accept versus current market prices to keep themselves solvent, as current rates are often at or below variable cost just to run the ship, it was reported this week.




The number of mostly smaller and mid-sized manufacturers and wholesalers for which CIT Group, the troubled bank, is the primary provider of “factoring” services, or lending based on receivables. It also has a large business with retailers. With CIT asking for more bailout money and facing resistance in Washington, the National Retail Federation took the unusual step this week of publicly supporting CIT’s request to receive the financial aid, worrying it could impact shipments to retail, especially this Christmas season.


The surprisingly strong increase in Q2 revenue for supply chain and retail software vendor JDA Software, as announced this week.


Number of minutes on average it now takes pickers at fire arms distributor RSR Group to complete a “pick cart” using a new multi-modal (voice and bar code) system, versus 45-60 minutes with the previous paper-based system, according to a DC manager at RSR on a Supply Chain Videocast from SCDigest this week.