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-March 4, 2009


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Top Supply Chain Executive Priorities

  Alignment, Continuous Improvement, Cost Reduction Top the List; Executives Think They are Performing Very Well in Most Categories  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


There is perpetual interest in what is at the top of the supply chain agenda, and last week, we got another perspective on that from a report by IBM, based in part on a survey of about 400 supply chain executives.

As shown in the graphic below, we were not surprised that "Alignment," one of our 10 Supply Chain Megatrends, topped the list, nor that "continuous improvement" and "cost reduction" followed behind in a tie for second place.

"Supply Chain as a Revenue Growth Driver" was at the bottom of the priority list, though we would argue that, in many ways, achieving alignment between the business and the supply chain is very much about revenue growth in most cases.

Top Supply Chain Executive Priorities

Improving internal and external visibility made the list, but overall, the executives did not think they were very effective yet in achieving good supply chain visibility.

We will note, however, that this data may indicate another example of the "50%" problem," as in most categories, it seems the vast majority of executives in the survey seem to believe they are "highly effective," when in reality, unless the survey was taken only by executives in the best run supply chains, half must be below average performers,

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