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-September 23, 2008


Supply Chain News: Transmission Factory CEO Murdered by Mob in India Over Layoffs

  Globalization Continues its Uncertain Path  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


The path of globalization of late has started to take some unexected turns, with a growing backlash in some areas.

Last week, Sweden saw over 10,000 protestors against the impact of globalization from across Europe at a major rally.

India's own Tata Motors is having trouble completing a new factory in India to build its $2500 Nano car, which it plans to sell in less developed economies around the world. But local farmers unhappy with losing land have recently put the project in an almost complete stall. Tata is threatening to cancel the project and walk away from a $350 million investment over the problems.

Now, word today that the India CEO of an Italian transmission company was murdered by an angry mob after dozens of angry laid-off workers pummelled him during a meeting to discuss possible re-instatement.

The murdered man was Lalit Kishore Choudhary, 47, the head of the Indian operations in a suburb of New Delhi for Graziano Transmissioni, an Italian-headquartered manufacturer of car parts. He died of head wounds.

He had agreed to meet with some 100 workers who had recently been fired for violence at the plant. That violence was the result of a long-running dispute between factory management and workers who have demanded better pay and employment guarantees.

Other company executives said they were lucky to escape with their lives.

Tata had recently stopped construction on its plant in large part because it could "no longer guarantee worker safety" from potentially violent protesters.

We suspect potential job assignments from Western companies to India will not be very popular for awhile.

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