Supply Chain by the Numbers

-August 13, 2008


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics


This Week: High Oil Prices Slip Sliding Away; JDA Likes i2 Customer Base; Read it and Weep - New World Manufacturing Leader Closing the Gap; No Siesta for Sleepy Mexican Trucking Program



The number of straight days, as of Monday, that average consumer gasoline prices had declined at the pump, as the cost of crude oil continues its slide.




The number of customers that represented 50% of supply chain software provider i2’s total revenue of about $250 million, according to JDA software CEO Hamish Brewer, whose company announced plans to acquire i2 this week.


The number of consecutive years the United States has led the world in manufacturing output, but a new study from the researchers at Global Insight says China will overtake the US in 2009.




The number of Mexican trucking companies thus far that have participated in the cross border “demonstration program,” started in 2007, that gives up to 100 Mexican carriers full access to US roadways, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration administrator John Hill. The US Department of Transportation last week extended the program for another two years, despite the objections of the Teamsters, the ATA, and many legislators.

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