Supply Chain by the Numbers

-June 12, 2008


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics


This Week: CEOs Concerned About Supply Chain Risk; Rail Car Supply Exceeds Demand; Oil Price Prediction Continues to Rise; Inflation on the Rise in China



Ranking of “supply chain risk” on a list of the top 10 internal company concerns of CFOs. The top three: (1) cost and availability of labor; (2) ability to forecast results; and (3) health care costs.




The number of rail cars Union Pacific says it has in storage, the result of slowing demand and over aggressive car orders in the past few years.


The price per barrel of oil that may be reached in 2009, according to Alexey Miller,  chief executive officer of Russian state oil company giant Gazprom, at a conference in France, eclipsing the $200 prediction made earlier this year by Goldman Sachs.




Current rate of China’s inflation.

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