Supply Chain by the Numbers

-October 9, 2007


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics

  This Week: Light's Out at GE; Import Container Volumes Drop At U.S. Ports; Tightening up the Corn Belt; Where Did the Cargo Go?  


The number of lighting factories in the U.S. that GE says it is closing, out of 25 total, as customers move from incandescent bulbs, which some say use too much energy, to more environmentally-friendly compact fluorescent lights – and GE sees a new market opportunity in pushing the switch.


The expected drop in October 2007 import container volumes to U.S. ports versus October 2006, an incredible change versus the double digit increases the ports saw for most of the past decade.


The current price of a bushel of corn, up an amazing 40% from a year ago, as demand for ethanol and corn-fed livestock sends prices soaring, putting pressure on a wide range of manufacturers who use corn or corn-based products. Heinz says, for example, it is working on development of a more naturally sweet tomato that will reduce the need for corn syrup in its ketchup.


The number of organized cargo theft gangs in Europe known by Interpol, some of which specialize in armed highjackings.

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