Supply Chain by the Numbers

-August 29, 2007


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics

  This Week: Where Are the Dells?; Soaring Copper Prices Heavily Influenced by Chinese Demand; Rising Average DIOs in the Consumer Goods Industry; A-level Customers and Products Deserve Nothing But the Best  


The number of Dell laptops actually on floor display at any of the five San Francisco area Wal-Marts visited by a writer last week as part of  some checking on how well Dell is doing in its recent move into the retail sales channel. (See Dell Will Have a Lot to Learn as it Embraces Retail Sales Model).


The amount of growth in world copper demand since 2000 accounted for by China. (See Staggering Rise in Metals Prices Shows Signs of Fatigue, as Users Find Alternative Materials to Reduce Costs.)


The number of Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) on average for the consumer package goods industry (P&G, Clorox, etc.) in 2006, up from 42 days in 2005. From the recent annual CFO magazine working capital study of large companies.


The target service level a company should have for A-level customers and A-level products, according to Robert Sabath and Dr. Judith Whipple in the latest issue of "CSCMP Explores." Most companies target overall service levels by product or customer, and rarely marry the two in a matrixed fashion.

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